I created a free resource for anxious artists and creatives called “Anxious Artist’s 1-Minute Mindset Shift”. You can download it HERE. It’s a pdf that guides you through a simple and effective way to shift out of anxious or overwhelmed thinking, and reconnect with your creativity.

It also has a bunch of bonus journal prompts that focus on what inspires you, which further encourages that mindset shift away from fear.

Because making art can be scary! So many what-if’s… what if I’m no good, what if I reveal myself to be a fraud, what if I can’t make anything that I like…. Knowing how to thoughtfully and calmly intervene when these thoughts prevail can be life-changing!

Because, sorry to break it to you, these thoughts will probably never go away 100%. But they don’t have to rule your life or your art. They can become mere passengers on your bus of awesomeness, driven by your inner artist.

I’d love to see this happen for you! Try downloading the Anxious Artist’s 1-Minute Mindset Shift, and let me know if it helps you. I’d love to hear from you! Email me at bobbi@ballardphd.com and I’ll write you back for reals. 🙂 

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