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Online therapy for the overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed

Online therapy for the overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed

When my clients first start online therapy with me, they feel burnt out and overwhelmed. They are talented, creative and perceptive, but they are running low on energy and motivation. 

They are tired of fighting a chronic battle against anxiety and depression, and feeling depleted in the process. Also, it’s wearing them out to work so hard to carve out a place for themselves, in a world that doesn’t always reward individuality. 

It’s taking a toll on their confidence, and the more worn down they get, the less inspiration they feel. They aren’t as healthy as they want to be, and in addition, their relationships have become strained. Old patterns aren’t working anymore, but they can’t figure out how to break out of them.

Dr. Roberta Ballard, psychologist

Hi, I’m Dr. Roberta Ballard, clinical psychologist.

In therapy, my clients find themselves managing the ups and downs of life with more resilience and ease. They also begin to live with more energy, courage, and motivation to direct towards living a life that feels true to themselves. As a result, they feel more balanced and confident. 

Therapy can help you work through blocks as well as heal past wounds. You’ll also learn new ways to cope, and how to set boundaries that work for you. If you deal with chronic anxiety and depression, you can learn how to manage it, not the other way around. 

Imagine that you feel more at ease with your life and your feelings.

As your physical and emotional health improve, your career and relationships get better, too.     

You can live a creative and joyful life, without being overwhelmed or drained by your emotions.  

From the comfort of your own home or office, we can meet in online therapy and start you on a path toward health and fulfillment. 

I provide online therapy in 29 states, so there is a good chance we can work together to get you to a better place.  

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