Online Therapy: How to Start

To start your online therapy journey, follow these simple steps:


Contact me for a free phone consultation, during which we can schedule an appointment.


Next, I will email you a link to a secure online portal, where you fill out some initial forms. This portal is also where we meet for our scheduled sessions.


Start receiving the care you need from the comfort of your home

You can live a creative and joyful life, without being overwhelmed or drained by your emotions.

When my clients first start online therapy with me, they feel burnt out and overwhelmed. They are talented, creative and perceptive, but they are running low on energy and motivation.

They are tired of fighting a chronic battle against anxiety and depression, and feeling depleted in the process. Also, it’s wearing them out to work so hard to carve out a place for themselves, in a world that doesn’t always reward individuality.