Therapy for Creatives

Why therapy specifically for creatives?

As an artist or creative professional, your talent and passion for creativity give you a unique outlet for expressing yourself, processing feelings, and contributing to the world.

The more difficult side of creativity is that many artists and creatives feel their feelings acutely.  

I don’t buy into the “tortured soul” stereotype of artists. But, I do believe that artists and creatives are often keenly tuned into both the joy and suffering that are part of life. And when you’re perceptive and sensitive in these ways, you may be more vulnerable to depression and anxiety.

Your empathy and passion inform your creative work, but they can also be draining. Therapy can help restore this balance.

You still need to function in this world, but it doesn’t always feel like the world was cut out for you.

At your best, you use your capacity to feel emotions strongly to push yourself and your art forward. I love that about making art, and I bet you do too.

Some of the issues that I help artists and creatives overcome in therapy :

Therapy can help you feel more present in your life, and generally feel greater freedom and inspiration in your creative endeavors. 

Roberta T. Ballard, Ph.D., LLC

Roberta T. Ballard, Ph.D., LLC

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It’s a tough balance.

On one hand, some strong feelings are painful, and it’s a natural instinct to distance yourself from painful feelings. On the other hand, emotions aren’t numbed out selectively; when you distance from your painful feelings, you also diminish your joy and creativity. 

In therapy with me, you can learn how to better harness your feelings for artistic creation. At the same time, you can learn coping skills to handle the emotions that can be draining or overwhelming. 

Your reasons for seeking therapy may or may not be about your creativity. But you reasonably want a therapist who understands the unique issues that can make your artistic life feel unpredictable and stressful. I’ve worked with creatives and artists in therapy for over 20+ years. Also, I can’t stop making things myself. Somehow this combination evolved into a deeply rewarding specialty, and for that I am grateful!

Wondering if we can worked together based on where you live?

I’m authorized to provide online therapy in 30 states. Check out my “States Served” page for a list of states in which I can practice. My office is in Marietta, Georgia, but I have clients in many states.

I have an email list for creatives, and you can opt-in here. You will receive a free copy of The Anxious Artist’s 1-Minute Mindset Shift, a downloadable resource that teaches a simple technique to shift yourself out of anxiety or overwhelm, so you can get back to making your art. (There are also bonus journal prompts!)