Therapy for Depression

Are you Feeling Depressed?

Thinking about therapy for depression? You may wear chronic depression like an old familiar coat, or you might have been going along feeling fine until your mood took a deep and surprising dive, leaving you feeling like a shadow of your former self.

Either way, depression is the pits. Or a dark pit, really, that seems impossible to get out of.

Online therapy for deperssion

Please consider therapy for depression if: 

  • You’ve lost interest in things that you are normally passionate about
  • You can’t sleep, or you’re sleeping way too much
  • You’re not hungry at all, or you’re eating a lot more than usual
  • You’re starting to feel hopeless about things getting better
  • Past issues are affecting you more than they used to, like maybe they’re not behind you as much as you thought they were
  • Things that used to be easy, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, now seem overwhelming
  • Just going through the motions is exhausting, and you always feel tired
  • It’s harder to concentrate, and you’re more forgetful
  • Your internal critic is the louder than ever, leading to feelings of worthlessness and guilt
  • Someone close to you has told you that you’re not your normal self

Appointment for a consultation

It can be hard to feel hopeful when you are in the midst of depression. It can be even harder to ask for help. If you can muster the energy to get in touch with me,

I can carry the hope for both of us until you start to feel the sun on your face again. 

Roberta T. Ballard, Ph.D., LLC

Roberta T. Ballard, Ph.D., LLC

Contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation. Let’s see if we’re a good team to fight your depression.

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Therapy for Depression

Therapy is one of the best strategies for combating depression. Outcome research consistently finds that therapy is effective in treating depression. In my own experience as a therapist and getting counseling myself, I have found that to be the case. 

Therapy for depression is individualized depending on your unique circumstances. There may be grief or past trauma that is contributing to your low mood that we work through in therapy. Current stressors might have pushed you past your limits, and we will work to get you back on track.

In general, some common areas addressed in therapy for depression include dealing with negative thoughts, learning new ways to interact with your emotions, exploring coping patterns, taking good care of your physical body, and trying out new ways of interacting with yourself and others.

As a psychologist, I cannot prescribe medication, but I am not opposed at all to antidepressant medication. I frequently work with clients and their doctors (with my clients’ permission, of course) to facilitate your doctor prescribing medication when it’s appropriate. No pressure, it is your decision.

There is help for depression.

If you are struggling with depression, I am here to help guide you out of that dark place. My goal for my clients is to help you make the most of your life, whatever that means for you. 

Many of my clients have told me that it’s helpful knowing that their therapist understands what they are going through. So, over the years I have become more transparent about sharing the fact that I, too, have dealt with chronic depression. However, I want to make it clear that as a therapist, I keep the focus on YOU.

Wondering if we can worked together based on where you live?

I’m authorized to provide online therapy in 29 states. Check out my “States Served” page for a list of states in which I can practice. My office is in Marietta, Georgia, but I have clients in many states.