Screen shot of Scream Therapy Podcast, with guest Dr. Bobbi Ballard

The Scream Therapy podcast focuses on how punk rock is a catalyst for mental health. Guests talk with host Jason about how the punk scene supports them and, in some cases, even saves their lives.

Jason and I had a great conversation about creative block, burnout, and performance anxiety, including my panic attack before playing with my band back when I was in grad school. My skills as a psychologist-in-training helped me get a handle on my fear, anxiety, and avoidance. It was playing drums in a band that helped me get through grad school without totally losing my mind! 

Give this episode a listen (the photo above is linked), especially if, like me, you’re a fan of punk rock! But even if you’re not, our conversations about creative block, burnout, and mental health are valuable to creatives of all persuasions. 

Keep creating! 

P.S. I’ve got a free resource for an exercise that will help you shift out of anxiety that you can access here: “Anxious Artist’s 1-Minute Mindset Shift”

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