Beyond Artist's Block Season 2, Episode 6 Featuring Dr. Bobbi Ballard

Looking for an artist’s podcast? Hosted by Rachel Moore, LMFT, Beyond Artist’s Block is a podcast dedicated to exploring mental health and creativity.

My interview on Beyond Artist’s Block aired on February 10, 2023. Talking with Rachel was a joy! I enjoyed our conversation, and I had the dubious honor of being the first podcast that she had to mark as “explicit” because of a bit of salty language. It figures!

We talked about creativity, including my own creative endeavors, as well as my therapy work with artists and creative professionals. There was also a foray into my ideas about everyone having a “bag of crap”.

This episode is also a good listen for anyone wondering about Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS). We discussed my recent training and work with IFS, and how I have found it to be a powerful mechanism for change, both for myself and my clients.

Please check out this episode and this podcast! It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by Rachel.

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It was a joy to have you on the show! Thanks so much, and lets do it again sometime. 🙂

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