Self-help tips for depression

If you struggle with depression, you probably know that the very things that will help you feel better can be the most difficult to do. Here are self-help tips for dealing with depression.

The key is to start small.

One cuddle with a pet, one simple meal, one call to a friend.

Here is a list of self-help categories to help you organize your recovery plan.

  1. Getting support from others. Talk to a friend or family member. Email, text, or call someone. Make plans to get together. Ask someone over to help with a chore.
  2. Nurturing yourself. Spend time in nature. Take a hot bath or shower.
  3. Getting exercise. Take a walk. Do a yoga or exercise routine on YouTube.
  4. Eating a mood-boosting diet. Avoid processed food and sugar. Add more dark green vegetables and healthy fats (nuts, avocados) to your diet.
  5. Challenging negative thinking. Ask yourself, would I talk that way to a friend?
  6. Knowing when to seek further help. Treatment for depression is available and effective. Talk to your doctor or a therapist.

Want more self-help tips for depression? Here is a longer article at Help Guide.

If you are using self-help tips and your depression is not getting better, please get professional help. I work with people who deal with depression, and if I’m not the right therapist for you, I can help you find someone who is.

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Great resource – thanks for sharing!

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I love to read self-help books both online and offline. Self-help is a great topic too and of course we should always improve ourselves. ‘,`’`

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